Q: How do you determine if my condition is related to an allergy?
A: We utilize Neuromuscular Sensitivity Testing, otherwise known as "muscle testing" along with various samples of common and suspected allergens.
Q: Once you have confirmed an allergen, how is the treatment performed?
A: Your practitioner has been trained to skillfully determine how extensively the allergen has been affecting you. Based upon those findings, he/she will stimulate associated acupressure points on the body in order to "reprogram" how the body reacts to that particular substance. This may be performed with finger pressure, laser, or point stimulator.
Q: How many treatments will I need to feel better?
A: Of course, everyone is different so it is almost impossible to predict how many treatments may be necessary to improve your current state. However, if you consult the official NAET website at www.naet.com, you will find that Dr. Nambudripad, who developed this technique, has devised a series of 15 treatments, know as the Basic 15. These basic treatments target any allergens that may be wreaking havoc with the immune system, thereby causing unpleasent symptoms and reactions. The doctor has found through her many years of research that if the immune system can be helped to be brought back to a state of balance, then the rest of the body follows suit.
Q: Does it hurt?
A: No, in fact, many of our clients are children, who love to come in every week for their treatment.
Q: Can my infant be treated?
A: Yes!  People of all ages can be treated with NAET.
Q: How frequently does one get a treatment?
A: We recommend at least once a week for best results. NAET will still be effective if you are treated less frequently, but of course, your results will be further out as well. We have had clients from as far away as New York, Florida, Italy, and Africa, and those who are summer residents here only for a limited time period, and in those cases, we can treat every 5 hours or as the body indicates through Muscle Response Testing.
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